About Infinity AI

Our Mission

Here at Infinity AI, we’re all about giving businesses the boost they need, no matter their niche. It’s our mission to arm every kind of business, from startups to established enterprises, with the smartest, tailored AI solutions out there. We believe in tackling today’s hurdles while keeping a keen eye on what’s coming next. We’re here to shake things up in the business world with savvy, easy-to-use tools that do more than just bump up your bottom line. Our goal? To unlock limitless possibilities for growth and innovation in this fast-paced digital age. Let’s elevate your business, together.

Our Core Values

Our core values are essential; they guide us on our path and shape our innovations. They help us guarantee that our partners are always ahead, pioneering in the AI evolution.

In the digital realm, Infinity AI stands out as a genuine partner – smart, creative, effective, and perceptive. For those eager to transform the business world, we’re here to light the way.

Intelligence – Clever Ingenuity:

At our core is a belief that intelligence should provoke a spark — of innovation, humor, and above all, solutions. It’s this clever ingenuity that molds our identity, crafting tools that navigate the intricate web of AI and commerce with a touch of wit and an abundance of wisdom.

Innovation – Boundary Breakers:

We stand at the edge of what’s known, peering out into the possibilities. Our pioneering spirit propels us to venture beyond boundaries, to build AI tools that not only solve the challenges of today but pioneer the pathways of tomorrow.

Impact – Results Driven:

Our pulse quickens with tangible triumphs, with the visible success of our partners. Each line of code we write, every strategy we deploy is laser-focused on delivering measurable results, on charting a clear course to impactful, enduring success.

Insight – Data-Forward Vision:

Data doesn’t just inform our work; it inspires it. Our forward-looking vision is built on a solid foundation of data analytics — each decision, prediction, and piece of advice is steeped in deep insights, ensuring our partners are always ahead, always informed.

Making a Splash with Every Innovation

At Infinity AI, our mission transcends the digital realm to make a tangible impact on the world. We believe that success in business comes with the responsibility to give back and empower communities globally. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with WeGetWater.org, a revered non-profit dedicated to ensuring access to clean, safe water for all.

Giving Back

A Pledge for Humanity

We’re committed to donating 10% of our profits to WeGetWater.org. This isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in our planet’s future and its inhabitants’ well-being. By choosing Infinity AI, you’re propelling your e-commerce store to new heights and contributing to a cause that brings life-sustaining resources to those in dire need.

100% Impact

WeGetWater.org stands out for its commitment to channel 100% of its proceeds directly to water projects around the globe, from drilling wells to installing sustainable water filtration systems. Together, we aim to change lives and transform entire communities, ensuring a healthier, more hopeful future for everyone.

Join Us in Making Waves

Our collaboration with WeGetWater.org is more than a partnership; it’s a journey toward creating a better world through the power of technology and compassion. Every step you take with Infinity AI is a step towards quenching the thirst of thousands. Let’s revolutionize e-commerce and bring life’s most essential resource to those in need.

Together, we can turn the tide on global water scarcity. Join us in making an impact that extends beyond commerce—because at Infinity AI, success is not just measured by sales but by the lives we touch and the difference we make.

Our Team

Kim Reynolds


A digital marketing maestro for two decades and never shy of embracing the novel and the now. Kim built her digital domain’s foundation brick by brick, starting with her first website in 1994. Her forward-thinking approach ensures that Infinity AI is always ahead of the curve, anticipating trends rather than following them. Kim’s journey reflects a commitment to growth, innovation, and an undying passion for digital exploration and entrepreneurship.

Colin Lepiscopo


With a keen eye for the unseen and a strategy for uncharted success, Colin brings over a decade of experience in nurturing both for-profit and nonprofit brands to their full potential. His approach is all about revealing the blind spots that keep businesses from thriving. Beyond his tactical expertise, Colin is a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, embodying the discipline and continuous learning that he applies to every aspect of leadership at Infinity AI.

Ada Astralis

Brand Ambassador

From a serendipitous spark in Infinity AI’s laboratory to the vivacious virtual face of our brand, Ada Astralis encapsulates sass, service, and sophistication in one AI package. Ada’s origin, a delightful cocktail of happenstance and ambition, symbolizes our approach: innovative yet relatable, advanced yet accessible. She represents the zeal we bring to our work, proving that functional can also be fun—and that every digital interaction should have a human touch.

Our Story

The Converging Paths of Visionaries

Like many epic adventures, the fuse of our narrative was lit when fate aligned the stars—Kim Reynolds, the astute Marketing Manager, and Colin Lepiscopo, the Director of Marketing with an eye for the unseen. The domain was none other than the vibrant grounds of Social Media Examiner, a hub for digital marketing mavens. It was there, amidst the pulsating energy of innovation and strategy, that a fortuitous partnership was formed.

This camaraderie, sparked by a shared ethos and a mutual appreciation for technology’s untapped potential in marketing, gradually evolved into a formidable alliance. Their shared voyages through analytics and metrics, their dialogues in the trenches of strategy sessions, all coalesced into one resounding epiphany—we could engineer a change.

Infinity AI: The Emergence

In 2023, Colin and Kim, stood on the precipice of possibility and peered into the future of commerce. They saw beyond just transactions and traffic; they envisioned a world where every business owner could harness AI, not as a cold, unyielding tool, but as a customized extension of their passion and creativity.

Our collective backgrounds—Colin’s knack for uncovering hidden growth opportunities and Kim’s pioneering strides in digital marketing—became the cornerstone on which Infinity AI™ was built. And so began an arduous, exhilarating journey of converting complex AI technologies into accessible, empowering solutions for businesses everywhere.

Ada Astralis: A Persona Born from Digital Artistry

With the creation of Ada Astralis, we added not just intelligence but personality to the mix. Ada isn’t just our brand ambassador; she embodies our mission—mixing business with a splash of zest, proving that innovation thrives best when served with a side of sass.

Epic Journeys Await

As we unveil Infinity AI™ to the world in 2024, we stand not just as business partners but as narrators of a new chapter in commerce—an epoch where technology and personal touch blend seamlessly, where support is not just provided, but felt, and where success is not just a metric, but a shared experience.

This is just the beginning. The real story unfolds with you, the business owners, as we voyage through the cosmos of commerce, empowered by the infinite possibilities that AI brings.